From dark humor to absurd humor, Varga takes a big leap to amuse and discover truth in Atticus from Shawneetown.



In his first "Little Egypt" novel, Tombs of Little Egypt, dark humor and wry narration take readers on a journey to the heart and soul.



Tombs of Little Egypt

"Author James Varga is a circuit court judge in Chicago, so it came as no surprise that his novel provides meticulous credibility in the chapters detailing the trial. The unexpected pleasure was finding vivid human theatre in his subtle probe of morality."

— Evelyn Ann Casey, Windy City Reviews

". . . Very enjoyable! If you put it down, the characters will still be running through your head."

— Terry Sullivan, Killer Clown, The John Wayne Gacy Murders




Varga's storytelling blends humor with literary fiction, creating double-edged fiction—existential doubt told in jest. His light tone leads to underlying themes, plagued by that darn, nagging need to question the plight of humanity.



. . . but life goes on, in sad smiles and joyful tears, so he leaves a little chuckle along the way for others to pick up and leave behind.